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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Janes 40th Birthday (and some sailing things)

Well, its our dedicated Soulsailor publicists Ges's good woman Janes 40th Birthday next week - Happy Birthday Jane!!

Don't forget I'll do any dedications for a G&T - just call me your cheesy Soulsailor DJ :-)

So, Halifax, and sailing.... well it sounds like the guys had a good tussle at the weekend and forgot about the Soul in Soulsailing :-) I guess we are all (James & me definately included) as bad as each other when it comes to tryin' to win an event!

So the details taken directly from Ges's report (but with most of the swearing removed!) are as follows:

We had our last event of the season last weekend, at Halifax, for the winter champs, which was quite eventful.

I had my third collision for the season (is this a record?) when cheating *bleep* Martin Honnor T boned us whilst on starboard. Just to clarify, we weren't on starboard.

It was the final beat of the second race and 3 of us were within 2 boats of each other. Me and Craig were tacking well and were gaining on Mart, but he was always on starboard as we came together, so we kept lee bowing him.

After about 6 tacks he came back and Craigy told me to tack, but being a plonker, I looked under the boom and thought we could cross him. Not realising he would luff up so much he nearly tacked (my interpretation) and therefore he hit us.

After a few choice words (Ed: probably *bleep*) and another 720, we eventually finished third with Pete & Dennis (from Bass) laughing all the way to the finishing line.

The third race was our worst nightmare as Martin & Chris got a lucky shift and won the race and event. Luckily for me, Craig hasn't dumped me yet, but he did mention that in one incident, we went from 1st to 3rd in the event, not that he's blaming me??????.

Anyway the damage this time is a lot less than the other 2 bumps I've had, so it shouldn't cost me too much.


Thanks for that Ges... sounds like pints were owing after the 2nd race? It also sounds like the next priority Soulsailor task is to get that bloody Crew-Helm contract drafted up quickly!!

So thats it for last weekends report unless any of you southerners were sailing anywhere - let me know soon....

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