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Sunday, September 21, 2003

Time to Catch Up...Did Stella look after James?

So, what's been happening, well as I said a couple of weeks/posts ago James and Youngy went and did Bassenthwaite, apparently it was a damn fine event (again) and Youngy and James came 9th overall which aint too shabby...

The off the record report was that racing was good, the breeze was cool, G&T's weren't flowing, hospitality wasn't quite as cool as it could have been but Stella was upto her old tricks again with quite a few of the Ent yachters and supporters.

I got told that John, Julie and Youngy went to bed around 11pm, not sure whether I've interpreted that correctly and that James was out-4-the-count on a bar stool dreaming of G&T's by 11:45pm. Sounds messy!

Before the carnage took its full toll, the footie was watched and then a pool competition took the guys minds off what Stella was upto. Apparently James and Anita lost to Martin and Chris 'cus James couldn't sink the..... pot the black... such is life...

apparently the 3rd race on the Sunday was interesting, poor Ges had to retire - something about having to make a call to huey on the big-white-phone ??

Dunno what the results were, but hey its the taking part that counts :-)

Next up Jet-Set-James went North again, what is his fascination with North of Brum?? This time it was upto the classic Southport 24hr Race, no sailing for James this time just beer, beer etc etc. but in one of the quieter spells when the bar obviously wasn't open or the queue just too big, James did manage to get a cool photo of a Southport sunset:

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