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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

The Scottish Weekender

So, Jet-Set-James is off to Scotland this weekend and I'm off with him, were double-stacking with Mr.Woodward, Bazza and Youngy so should be fun, so if you see a convoy of 2 cars 4 boats and sum Soulsailors going up north on Friday its us..."Honk if you SoulSail...."

Should be a good event, the weathers looking ok, cloudy, warm and light winds, the closest place I could find was Dumfries

Not sure what the lubrication for the weekend will be as yet, i've heard that its a very social/friendly club... could it be guiness, could it be whiskey, who knows, were camping so it'll have to be summat that puts me to sleep fairly well!

So, see you all there in the middle of the bloody night or at breakfast or on the water, but make sure we see you all there at some point for some Scottish Soul Sailing...

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