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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bloody Impatient!

So now I have 110% decided to buy a foiling moth and got first refusal on a second-hand Axiom 3 through Mike Cooke of Aadvark Technologies, I’m starting to get impatient… I always want stuff I have my mind set on now, or at least next weekend… but I need to be patient..

moth worlds 2010 2

I wonder how mad I am, but life is for living and this boat will either breathe life into my sailing or physically kill me!

Certainly I need to start getting into shape.. running around after 3 kids helps, but I think some sensible eating and drinking and masses of WII Fit may also help a little!

I’ve got Stevie @ P&B already lined up to sort a cover for me…I spent the morning watching Colin @ Draycote rig, launch and sail.. and I keep watching video’s and reading the “moth blogs”… hooked potentially, even without a boat!


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Mark Hendy said...

If this is the worse of your mid-life crisis then go for it. I've seen these babies rocketing, and I mean rocketing down southampton water. It is, being totally honest with you not my sort of sailing; I prefer the bacon buttie for breakfast, chardonay for lunch type of sailing with a bit of racesailing thrown it, but I certainly see the attraction. My mid life crisis included a mercedes SL sports car amongst other things so I certainly understand the need for speed.

You work hard and provide well for your family right? Then have the toys you want. We're only here once (as far as I know).