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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Want it Wet & Wild – A Mid-life Crisis?

So, I think I want one of these… I’ve got the Miracle for sailing with the kids, but I do miss getting on the water on my own, don’t forget my roots are in the Optimist..single-handed sailing is something that I’ll never grow out…

Actually I really want one of these, its a foiling International Moth...

2009 Moth Worlds. Cascade Locks ,Oregon-USA . 8/15 August 2009.

So currently I’m looking to invest, purchase, blow some money on a Foiling International Moth..

I may get a Low-Rider i.e. a non-hydrofoil one, play with that for a while and then get it converted… but ideally, mad, stupid, insane or not, I want to go straight into a foiler….

The challenge will be awesome, just check out the footage below taken at the Moth Worlds being held in Dubai currently…

So, the old, the original, Soulsailor, may be back with blog posts about the thrills and spills of trying to go freakin’ fast without, hopefully, seriously injuring myself..

So, the plan is:

  1. Convince wife the investment is worth it (gotta be better than a sports car?)
  2. Any of you with contacts in the Moth fleet put the feelers out (sorry no pun intended) for a second-hand boat
  3. I need to get fitter!
  4. I’ll keep trawling the web sites for a bargain
  5. I’ll keep dreaming!

Fast & Low my Friends… Fast & Low & Close(ish) to the Water…

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Matt Groves said...

Looks fun. Video overshadowed at 2:15 by the appearance of what looks like a Canon 70-200 f2.8 L on a 1Ds (may be wrong on the body).

Canon L series glass - A much better way to spend your hard earned ;)