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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am the Worst, I am a Non-Soulsailor!

Open Mic and blue sky


I have something to say… I am sorry…

I am sad, unhappy, maybe even ashamed… I have done something that I swore wouldn’t happen, that makes my eyes weep…

I have put my eldest son off sailing the Miracle at this year Nationals….

Yep, a combination of:

  • Me being too competitive
  • Shouting
  • Ripping the spinnaker (actually he like the way it looked like a smiley face!)
  • Windy
  • Me being too competitive


…at Brixham Nationals last year has caused my son, my crew to say “NO” to coming to the Nationals this year… he may get won round over the course of this season for next year, but I have truly blown it for 2009…

So, the Soulsailor really didn’t think of the soul did he?

On slightly more cheerful news, the Miracle has been re-varnished (thnxs dad) and is back at the club ready to be sailed… both sons still want to sail thankfully.. just not as competitively as I’d like…!

So I will see you on the water this year, at some point, and I will be on my best behaviour!

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