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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SoulCrew Speaks...!

Dear world,

I am SoulCrew and i am 8 years old, Ant/Soulsailor is my dad this is about my time crewing dad.

Last Sunday I crewed my dad in force 2-3.

I enjoyed it because it was pretty fast for me.

I like miracles because they are slow but fast enough!

I like sailing with the kite up but I don't like gybing with it up.

My funniest sailing moment was on new years day

I was sailing along a gust came I leaned out with no toestraps and fell out still holding the jibsheet, dad hoiked me back into the boat! I got very wet and cold!!!

and that is it for today from SoulCrew  :-)

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Anonymous said...

Starting blogging at 8? Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Kids today! My granddaughter learned her first URL at age 2 years 5 months.

Ant said...

Thnxs all, he's gonna be chuffd with the feedback when he wakes up in the morning...

Oh yeh and just so you know, he know wants his own domain name and to start blogging regularly!!

Anonymous said...

Keep the stories coming SoulCrew, you might even motivate me to write about some of my funny/embarrassing/silly sailing moments!

As for falling out of the boat, we've all done it, whether we want to blame it on something else or not!!

Oh, and be sure to let us know where you think Dad is going wrong, you know we can all learn from sharing, hey Dad!!? ;-)

Tillerman said...

I think it would be really cool to read posts by both Ant and SoulCrew about the same day's sailing, race, whatever. Either separate posts on this blog or with crosslinks between the two blogs.

Tim Coleman said...

That toestrap thing? Yep I've been there more than once. The best was when I was sailing my cadet (30 yrs ago!) single handed and the toestrap snapped! I went over the side and the boat kept on sailing! Lucky thing was I still had hold of the mainsheet. Eventually the boat capsized and I managed to get to it ok, right it and sail home.

EVK4 said...

nobody likes gybing the kite...i mean it, nobody. Way to go soulcrew.

Anonymous said...

@Tim, LOL!

Same happened here once, we were 3-up sailing a keelboat, the three of us hiking reasonably hard in a gust, preparing the trim for a race, when, "crack", d-ring holding the straps decides to part company with boat, and we all took a swim! Once we'd stopped laughing we managed to swim after the boat and pull ourselves aboard!