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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Speaking Freely

"Hi this is Ant. This is just testing SpinVox. Might be a useful little Ap for Life Blogging Sailing Events. Saving Bartus(?) in general unruliness of the UK Sailing Scene. So it's about 11:55. So that's it's from me. Let's see whether this worked. Cool. Cheers. Bye."

spoken through SpinVox


Tillerman said...

Awesome. Does this mean I can blog from my cellphone while sailing my Laser?

By the way, who is Bartus and why are you saving him?

Ant said...

As long as you keep your phone dry, then yes absolutely, just sign-up for the BLOG service at

I dont know who Bartus is but apprently the voice recognition software at Spinvox has sent me on a special mission to save him... hopefully it involves sailing and warmer climes!

Look forward to your on-the-water-blogging Tillerman!

Litoralis said...

Hi this is Litoralis. Just testing this keyboard. Might be a useful little tool for commenting on blogs. Seems to be able to generate words on the screen using my fingers without moving my mouth. Cool. Cheers. Bye.

Anyway, SpinVox sounds interesting and useful for remote blogging and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ant, I guess you can still look forward to that happy day when your kids will discover irony too.

Ant said...

Tillerman, absolutely, I think at 8yrs old I may send my eldest son over to the US to stay with your prodigy to pick up the skills!