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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brain Freeze can Dull the Senses..

Following yesterday's post Tillerman made an excellent observation in his comment:

"..A word of caution though about getting your kids too accustomed to prize-givings. I've seen kids get so used to receiving a prize every time they sailed with their superstar father that when they started sailing on their own they got upset when they discovered that they didn't win a prize at every regatta any more.."

This has been something I have at the back of my mind, whilst its great that the club offers "a glass or two" for the classes that don't get in the running for the main prizes at the pursuit races and that are part of "emerging fleets", their is very much the problem that those people (especially the young) can become accustomed to winning.

My kids, well my eldest who I actually race with, does have a sensible head on his shoulders and the two prizes he has won have made him very happy and boosted his sailing confidence..But these prizes, if they happen every time, could make him think that (a) winning is everything and (b) its easy...

My hope is that as the season starts to kick-off properly (and it stops snowing) we will get a decent number of Miracles racing, like I witnessed at the tail end of last years season, 10+ boats out, and at that point, being first Miracle will be a major challenge and balance will be restored, I hope...

There is a fine line between encouragement and expectations management....I shall try to balance things well!

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