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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


ISAF's recent decision to can multi-hulls from the Olympics in 2012 went down like me in a brass diving helmet on a Saturday afternoon in a Commodores Reception:


From this sprang forth a load of anger, some fake websites and now this:

UK Catamaran Racing Association Petition

People are obviously still not happy about ISAF's / IOC ruling on the removal of the multi-hull from the Olympics for 2012.

See the details of ISAF's decision at

UKCRA's are "petitioning against" this ruling and have gathered 5,075 "signatures" of support at their on-line petition site, see who and the comments here:

I personally think the damage has been done, the decision is unlikely to be changed... Why should they? So the reality is these people need to get back to sailing, enjoy their chosen class, one,two, or three hulls and compete in whatever events they have on offer...

Life goes on and the Olympics is not the only event in the world and only really effects a hand-full of those bitten with the sailing bug, sure it may well be unfair, but so are a lot of things in life, you still get to sail your cats every weekend, the price of the boats won't get artificially inflated because of the Olympic status, and the wind will keep blowing..

Enjoy your sailing, don't let politics drive you away from what you love...


Tillerman said...

Well said. 99% of the people who signed that petition have no hope of sailing in the Olympics anyway, so why get all upset about it?

I guess it all derives from the pride they feel in the fact that their sport (multihull sailing) has Olympic status.

But I don't feel that way about Laser sailing. I just enjoy sailing and racing the boat.

If ISAF had dumped the Laser from the Olympics it wouldn't have bothered me a bit. It wouldn't make the boat any less fun. It wouldn't reduce the number of events available for me to sail in. Nobody that I race with regularly would stop sailing the Laser because it lost Olympic status. My personal self-esteem doesn't depend on the fact that I currently sail an Olympic class.

So why are multihull sailors frothing at the mouth? I just don't get it.

Tim Coleman said...

Amen! Tell it like it is Brother!

????? Oh no! I think I'm becoming a religious fanatic! ??????

Or is it just another Jedi Mind trick?