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Friday, November 16, 2007

Tiki Rock..


I have to admit I am very impressed with Tiki, as I said in a previous post, I was looking for Kids steamer, this is surprisingly hard to do, even in the UK where, lets face it the steamer season can be quite long!

The "dinghy" manufacturers were no use, either too expensive or didn't readily do kids steamers, or the sizes were crap, and when I say steamer I mean a 5mm/4mm not a bloody summer steamer in 3mm, are you trying to kill my kids through hypothermia? I do wonder how many people buy steamers only to find themselves shivering in the frostbite series in an inadequate 3mm?

Anyway, Tiki are a surfboard and wetsuit company, they popped up in a number of searches I did for steamers and especially kids ones so Tuesday night, late, I ordered two Tiki Wetsuits ADV 5/4 GBS Steamer kids Wetsuits. Their web-site is pretty slick, ordering was straightforward and I absolutely love the digital brochure, very cool... so it may have cost be circa £135 to keep my kids warm on the water over winter and spring, but the sizes I bought should do for 2008/2009 as well and the construction is excellent from what I can see (proof is in the testing!) so they may well get re-used by "bump" etc. I'm happy with the investment...

Oh and the reason for this post, well if your in the UK you should definitely consider using Tiki for your steamers (and surfboards if you are so inclined), they've been around for ages, have a wealth of experience and service seems great..

I ordered the kids suits late Tuesday night on-line, and they have literally just arrived at my door this morning (Friday am)... so if it ain't too windy on Sunday then we can go for a yacht!


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Fuff said...

Cor! You dinghy nutter you!
Got me thinking about neoprene, with temperatures so low here for the time of year though.