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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rule 69 Exclusive!

Allegations of Gross, surely not??

Nah, I guess most of you have heard of the great blog Rule69, and if you haven't then stop reading this crap (for 5 mins) and wander over and have a browse...

Magnus over there, who I used to sail against in 420's many moons ago, is publishing some fantastic content and views.

The site is great, and I love getting regular stories around the grand prix sailing circles in my RSS Reader... but historically it's just been just chucked over the fence, here's what I got for you, read, enjoy, share... no commenting no interaction...

Well, I have been catchin' up with Magnus recently and questioned him on why he wasn't opening up to the "conversation", and though he had good reasons in the past, now he has established himself firmly in this field, it's time to re-think...

And he has... coming soon, Rule69 Blog will have commenting enabled.

I think with Magnus' style of post's this is gonna be one to watch 'cus he really does stimulate conversations and opinions and lets face it those gin-palace sailors make news for themselves pretty regularly!! So keep watching for the comments to be enabled and then take part in the conversation..

If you have any content, gossip, rumours etc for him then contact Rule69 on either or

As Magnus said to me today:

"...I believe that if the blogs and websites get together then we'll push the established order of 'influence' (ie the old media) off the top table pretty quickly..."

That's you, thats me, that's all of us in the sailing blogosphere!...

The futures bright, the futures wet and windy and worth talking about!

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