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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Draycote Christmas?

Google Maps have update their images of Draycote Water and the surrounding areas recently.

What the hell is that white stuff on the water?? Anyone got any ideas?

Is it:

  • Snow?
  • Ice?
  • White-Horses?
  • Reflections?
  • Lots of white boats with white sails??

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I would be extremely interested to know what you think the white areas on the water actually are..let me know in the comments...


Tillerman said...

Mt guess is that those white shapes are clouds. if you look there are some wispy white clouds over the land just south of the reservoir too. But I think that over the reservoir we are seeing waves on the water through they wispy, semi-transparent clouds which is what gives them that strange effect.

Ant said...

ahh yes my knowledgeable Tillerman, I think you may well be right... thanks for that

Enter Miles said...

I think it's the sun reflection on the water. Just a strange pattern by coincidence.