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Thursday, September 06, 2007

180 Second Sailing Tip (3)

Start: 23:20

So this is less of a tip and more of a training technique, I blogged about this ages ago, basically I am always of the oppinion that once you have learnt the basics and sailed for a few years, sailing is easy... pointing the boat in the right direction and keeping it moving isn't a problem... the issues/targets are:

a) going as fast and efficiently (upwind) as you can
b) being tactically superior to the competition
c) consistancy

So, you need to keep your head up, out the boat and let your subconscious mind sail the boat efficiently leaving the active bit of your noggin to work out the tactical crap...

Next time your out sailing for pleasure or your going out to the start or having a practice beat...

Shut Your Eyes...

Feel the boat "change" and hear how the waves make contact with the boat differently when your pinching or too free or hit a bad wave.... get used to sailing by feel then open your eyes dont think about sailing think about the tactical chess game bits of sailing and the external influencers of weather, boats, course, tactics, chamionship series etc etc

Think about it...hard... now.

Finish: 23:23

Bonus text! I've had a stack of SoulSailor stickers printed.... there gonna be ALL over Southport next weekend :-) be there to get stickered!

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