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Monday, August 13, 2007

"Party On Ferretts! " Says Jim Saltonstall

Were you a member of an RYA Youth Squad or Women's Squad between 1977-2000?

If so then the start of 2008 heralds the arrival of the party-of-a-lifetime!

So if you were taken under the wing of Jim Saltonstall during those years, if during your formative, growing times you were listening to anecdotes, sent on bloody early morning runs or gybing on the whistle for what seemed hours on end then you need to be there...

There is going to be a mammoth get-together at the Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble on Saturday 16th February 2008 - 7pm 'til late.

Tickets £11 each (inc. finger buffet)

Enquiries to Christine on christine@saltonstall dot co dot uk.

See you there groovers....

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Fuff said...

Make shore you drop us a line. Hamble's half an hour with the tide from here.