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Monday, June 25, 2007

What happens when clouds and sail clash?

Ok, this isn't a beautiful picture or an interesting meteorological piece I'm afraid...

MY brain's busy with keeping money flowing into the house, serious lack of time for bloggin currently, but, I do get time occasionaly and then I have to decide which "thought" is stroingest or most appropriate... a post to Soulsailor about sailing or a post to Fluffy Clouds of Innovation about some geeky or strategy based random thought...

What would happen to my readership if I merged Soulsailor and FluffyCloudsofInnovation into one blog?

For a start it would give me a reason to move off Blogger and onto WordPress, start kinda afresh (but migrate all the content from both too)...

Would the yachty sea-dogs get fed up with geek posts and would the geeks get fed up with sailing posts?

I'd still keep the two seperate domain names cus i really like them... but would a mixed content blog do the trick for you??

For once I really do need your advice etc... will you still love me will you still read me when I'm a split-topic blog?

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