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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kool Surface!

Microsoft's Surface is innovation... it took a few years in the MS Research Labs to appear, but I'm bloody glad its arrived!

It appeared on the news tonight, very freaky, I happened to be on the website watching one of the video's when the same video was played on the news, 10 secs behind....!

So why is this good, well ignoring the fact that I want it in my house.. from a business perspective it will be great for a number of key areas:
  • Collaboration - you have a meeting room table where you can "drop" ideas, share them, pass them around, annotate them (adding your value to the thought)
  • Reception Areas - I can't wait to walk into a reception area where I can "thumb" through a telephone directory and interactively call up the person I'm meeting or IM them that I'm here, maybe sign-in electronically, maybe thumb through case studies, customer lists etc
  • Teaching - limitless opportunities...

The collaboration piece for me is the most exciting, let me know if anyone out there is putting this into practice yet?

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