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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's Time 4 A Change...?

..and I really need the assistance of the collective Sailing-bloggers out there to guide me into a new sailing direction...

So, Enterprise sailing seems to be very unfortunately waining... still doing some but not as much as I want so I need some other water/wind/boat stimulation.

Solo sailing... this was the obvious choice as Draycote Water SC has a stack of Solo's out most weeks BUT has it turned into cheque book sailing, please someone tell me if its different, but it appears that the new boats are winning and the older ones are struggling to keep up?? (thats what my dad says)

Plus my dad's talking about giving up the Solo after this year and buying a small 2-hander to sail with my kids...

So, some options from me......

1. Buy a Solo, hold out for a bloody quick bargain and until that happens sail my dad's pretty quick Solo as much as is reasonable

2. Buy a Miracle, what you say a slow two man boat with hardly a fleet at Draycote... well this is true but it would be good for my dad to take the kids out in and if they take to it, theres the opportunity (wih my eldest) to do some events... (and I'd get my dad to keep his Solo so we could use either)

3. Just Sail the Enterprise, maybe I should just be satisfied with the sailing I've got with James and occasionaly sail my dads boat as well.. think of all that extra time for DIY and stuff!

4. Buy a single-handed speed machine, now that would be fun.. but I don';t want to waste mone like I didi with the nearly-forgotten Laser.EPS

5. Sod Sailing... take up surfing or windsurfing or just give it up completely.....

What do you guys think....? Don't forget I'll be blogging about whatever it is forever so it's upto you to make it an interesting choice for an interesting read!!


Anonymous said...

Never ever ever 'sod sailing'. Go for a development class, where you've got a chance of chasing old boat prizes in an affordable boat and still get to sail alongside some class yotters, even if they do have the benefit of the chequebook. You and Rowan could fly in a National 12.

Luv Ali

Anonymous said...

Option 2 sounds like the best of both worlds. Let your Dad have some fun taking his grandkids sailing and you could still do some Solo sailing in what sounds like a competitive fleet. I suspect it won't be too long before I'm tempted to get a "slow two man boat" too so I can do the Grandad/grandkid sailing thing. But you won't see me giving up the Laser until they rip the (carbon) tiller from my cold dead hands.

And as for your threat to blog about the answer - now you'll have two boats and two kinds of sailing to blog about.

Zen said...

I agree with the T-man.
It's like a 2 4 1 sail (sale)

Tim Coleman said...

Blue sails, blue skies
cool guys sail an Enterprise!