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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quintra, Scoble and Me!

Slightly off-topic and I wasn't sure where to post this one, hear or on SoulSailor, but here goes, this is where it's at tonight...

I was browsing through my Reading List tonight whilst un-installing "crap" from my work laptop, I came across a post about alternative search engines, so I thought I would give Quintra a try.

Popped in a search for Soulsailor and in the Tag-cloud it produced I saw the words "Scoble Telling" freakin cool, what was that all about?

I hovered over to see reference to a post on a snippet conversation I had with Robert Scoble about Twitter Functionality...

The cool think is that Soulsailor wasnt there as a link, just text on a random blog of someone that had "heard" mine and Scobles stream of consciousness...

So, the reason for the post is this:
  • You really don't know who is listening
  • What people do (good or evil) with your stream of consciousness is out of your hands
  • Twitter is still cool
  • I would love to see a mash up that used the @ to link conversations on a google map a la TwitterVision
  • Quintra needs some serious investigating around its coolness

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