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Monday, February 26, 2007

Stumbling in Water

Ok, so a nice cryptic title!

This post continues with the current stream of posts about sailing (wind, water, waves) and Web-version-whatever.

Recent posts about this include:
Also, Adam whose spending time messing about in sailboats and geeking-out like me has a great post about side-bar gadgets...

So, I recently came across StumbleUpon and found Ti11erman there. What is StumbleUpon, well its a social network (but then what isn't) and its a discovery site for people with interests "like wot you got".

Anyway, what I really wanted to get down to saying was this... Sailors don't give RSS the love it deserves, the anmount of Stumbled-Upon web sites I have come across that don't have RSS feeds and thyen it gets difficult when you have lots of people you are following to be arsed with the ones without an RSS feed... lifes hard!


Right, I now apologise for the brevity and lack of clarity of this post... some "stuff" is going down that has a major effect on my life... I'll tell you later and then maybe re-edit tthis post to make more sense....

BTW - I got this email today!
Congratulations - you're on the MillionDollarAvatar homepage today ( Feb 27, 2007 UTC)! Your avatar will appear on the homepage for 24 hours.Please visit to view your profile.- Kevin and The MDA Crew


kevin said...

your link to is broken. some weird text got in there -> probably from the blog html editor.

Tillerman said...

Fancy you stumbling upon StumbleUpon and then stumbling upon Ti11erman. (Damn the person that got to use Tillerman with the real spelling first.) I guess you must be the one person that came to Proper Course via SU in the past few weeks. I must admit I found it a bit disappointing as a way to find interesting sailing stuff but maybe it will get better as it grows.

Hope the "stuff" going on in your life isn't too heavy. Clear winds.

Fuff said...

Take care. Stuff happens. Hopefully you'll be through it soon.