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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Random Tuesday

Nothing to say of any bloody value to anyone today...sorry...

I have however added a Google Reader Gadget on the right sidebar where I'll dump the interesting posts that come up in my RSS Reader; for a while I've been using Windows Live as my RSS aggregator, I like the way it looks but, with 92 RSS feeds I browser every day across News, Sailing, General Technology, Tech Bloggers, Microsoft Bloggers and Second Life it gets kinda hard and I think I've been missing posts as well... with Google Reader I don't miss anything, I can scroll through them quickly by thumping my space bar and I get the cool afore mentioned gadget so I can share my finds with you guys, so for the moment, Google Reader has my vote...

Haven't had much interest from my plee for a Crew and Boat for this years Enterprise Nationals, seriously am I that crap, arsey or ugly that noone want s to sail with me? (not sure I want the answer!)

Second Life still has my attention (as well as Tacticat), I'm wondering what to explore next, there's sooo much to do and see and so little time.. Per Pegler a friend and property/land geezer from Oz has a whole load of nice land recently bought and we are talking about creating a yacht/sailing club on there that I'll look after/run etc... could be kinda neat...more in a second..

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