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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WTF? Soulsailor.Com

I'm not sure I like "Jim", he has gone and re-registered the domain name! What have I done to upset him?

I want that bloody domain name, I realise that blogging about this won't help, in fact he will probably get more traffic to his site, which BTW only has a yahoo landing page and has no actual bloody value...

If anyone knows "jim" or lives in Greenville, TX then please ask him what the hell he's upto... I can't work it out... it's not like I have stacks of cash to offer him stupid money for it, it ain't that important, but if it was there I would register it and I am a grandfather of sailing blogging so says Tillerman so I must deserve it?

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2005-02-02
Registration Date.... 2005-02-02
Expiry Date.......... 2008-02-02
Organisation Name.... Jim Goodwin
Organisation Address. 2515 Park St.
Organisation Address. Greenville
Organisation Address. 75401
Organisation Address. TX
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Come on Jim, play fair... either do something decent with the domain name or let me have it... wasting domain-names just ain't cricket or sailing or plain fair....
this post feels a bit lide saddam hussein father christmas and snow all put into a single google search box with hillary clintons face hanging off of beckhams boot, maybe paintball or runescape or a little bit of aer lingus might help?


Tillerman said...

You have my sympathy. I discovered this week that Charles from Virginia has registered

Anonymous said...

My wife had an online business (actually to be technically accurate, she had a web site that never made a penny). The domain came up for renewal, she missed the date by a day and some scum-sucking pirate in Florida registered and wanted to charge her some outrageous sum to buy it back.

Interesting -- Texas, Virgina and Floriday. All red states. Hhhhm!

Zen said...

Arrrrrh Some people have no style.
Bloody Hell!

well there is perhaps
or, yeah I know the dotcom is main stream. buggers, I feel ya man!