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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Windy Wednesday

Well White Wednesday really!

Today is the first snow of 2007!

Not a lot of it but I love the way Draycote (or any mass of water) looks after a snow fall... the whole reservoir looks peaceful, the breeze is probably around 10mph its a crisp morning and I wanna go sailing... forecast for Saturday (when I am sailing) is pretty!

It takes me back to my mad Optimist days when the club was heaving with eager sailors no matter what the conditions were and we went sailing, after the rescue boat had driven round for an hour smashing all the ice so we had enough water to sail on, I remember defrosting the mainsheet as it was frozen solid, going out sailing with barely any feeling in my extremeties, having a wonderful race in conditions like today and, as the sun started to fall, the wind dropping and the ice reforming so we had to dodge the 'bergs on the last lap.... back in to shore, more defrosting and de-icing of the boat, pack her away nice and snug and then stand in the shower, steaming, probably not a million miles away from being hyperthermic, but being very happy...


Tillerman said...

Love those days when the spray freezes on the deck and the sheet gets ice all over it and eventually the ice jamps up the blocks. Can't beat it.

Zen said...


Ant said...

Your right you can't beat it, you have to cover it with warm water or place it in a warm place!

Fuff said...

Happy New Year Ant.
Thought you had stopped blogging and the Wet Wiki site that I just came across during a Google search, as the link I had on my blog all this time had expired.
Good luck!