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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Some things happen

so still no sailing, not even any watching of sailing, although I may get up to Draycote this weekend and watch some of the Dart open meeting especially if it continues to howl like it is at the moment!

So what am I upto...
  1. Training on Tacticat to try and make the grade.. Litoralis and Tillerman (and others) seem to be doing better than me and I can't have that!
  2. Wandering around Second Life, sailing, chilling and chatting
  3. Possibly getting involved in a documentary BBC2 are doing about Brits in SL!!
  4. Re-starting my get Ant-Fitter (or just fit) campaign!
  5. Trying to be more freakin' useful to my family, to my wife and around the house!!

And sailing, well, I'm trying to sort my life out there as well, trying to come to some decisions as to how and what I (we, me and James) are gonna sail this year etc etc....


I see 2 now I see 3 options (ignoring the give up sailing option!)

  1. Carry on sailing the Enterprise, as is... do a load (but not too many) of events and try not to stress...
  2. Sail the Ent with James, do the local events and some of the major ones, buy a Solo to sail on the other weekends and with the kids
  3. Buy some mother-of-a-speed machine or summat with James, blast around at Draycote for the pure fun of sailing when we feel like it, do a few major events and chill....

So theres the cards on the table... which do I go for... what do I do.. what 2-man classes are out there that would be good 4 me and James.... thoughts anyone please?

Oh BTW, while im typing this I'm IM'ing, checking email and Dancing at the "3 lions pub" in Second life, you should see me, i'm suited-and-booted and throwing down some moves... for those who have seen me drunkedly dancing at nationals aand the like you'll know how hard that is to beleive :-) right... i'm off to Tacticat now to get some training in, then listen to some tunes and do some exercise.....oh and tomorrow I'm off to Shakespeares theatre in Stratford with Claire... very la-de-dah...

I thankyou :-)


Anonymous said...

have you thought about one of the rs classes 400,800 etc.
or the more traditional national 12 or a cherub.
lots of fun for a good blast around.
good luck with sailing this year
hope everythings goes well

Tillerman said...

It's hard to give thoughts on this to someone else. Personally I go through phases of wanting to try new things in sailing some years, and then wanting to capitalize on my experience and do better in an old thing. I'm currently in the latter phase which is why I'm concentrating on the Laser. But it sounds as if you are ready to try something new.

If I lived in the UK I think I'd be looking to get into one of the RS classes. The ones in Menorca looked like a lot of fun.

Yeah - that's my advice - take the missus and kids to Minorca Sailing this summer, try out every boat they have, then decide.

Ant said...

Wife says if you ever step foot back in this country again there'll be a tiller inserted somewhere painful THEN you can truly call yourself Tillerman...

Personally I think its a good idea! (the trip not the insertion)

We shall see

Tillerman said...

What did I do to upset Mrs Clay? What's so terrible about the idea of taking Mrs Clay and the little Clays off for a couple of weeks in the sun?