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Monday, September 25, 2006

Gez stole my Pot

Call it "pot-hunting" or call  it supporting "Youngy's clubs Ent Open", but either way Gez found his way "down south" to a bloody small puddle just off spaghetti-junction Junc.6 M6 called Brookvale and went and won the bloody event...

It's a "special" place for me... I met James there, really got into Enterprise sailing there and lived there for 2 years when I was at Uni (see below)... loved living near the water, walking down the road from my digs ina  dry-suit and a suit of Ent sails over my back... go sailing, shower, pub.. ahhhhh them were the days..

Anyway, now Gez's got my plank of wood with an Enterprise on it...git... I though it looked good in the conservatory... where have you put it Gez and does it feel good to have the trophy I won last year :-)

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