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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wet Wiki

Wikipedia is one of the biggest websites in the world. No. 17 in fact. Few people have not come across wikipedia at some stage whilst surfing the internet, it’s an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It’s a little lacking on sailing in general though.

A few weeks ago I started discussing (with Johnsee and OG and Tillerman et al) how we could tag our blog posts so that all entries on a topic could be found no matter what sailing blog they were posted on. Tillerman mentioned that someone had talked to him about a wiki at some stage, and somehow we decided to get a wiki together. It’s not a Soulsailor or a Live Sail Die thing though. Live Sail Die are looking after the domain and the hosting, thanks very very much for that. It’s a community thing. We want it to be a hive of sailing knowledge. Some of the topics we hope will appear on the wiki are:

  • Information pages on dingies
  • Information pages on yachts
  • Sailing Tactics
  • List of sailing blogs
  • Information for sailors thinking about blogging
  • Links to gear reviews

Anyone can sign up for an account, and as soon as you do that you can add articles, edit articles, upload images and just generally go nuts! Everything is also released under a creative commons license, so if you want to use an article on your blog you can freely copy as much as you like providing you link back to the wiki.

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