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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

140 * Good Luck!

I won't be there..but I'm not bitter...

So good luck to the 140+ Enterpises that will be descending on Looe this weekend for a week-long battle of wits, tactics, sun-bathing and beer drinking (with the occasional G&T)..

Thats one hell of a turnout, must be the largest in a very long time... its the 50th anniversary National Champs and World Chmps combined from 29th July to the 4th August .

If you're going then the best of luck, if you're not then think about the 280 keen yachters having a bloody fantastic time...

I'm hoping that someone or even lots of someones will txt or email me with the results, gossip and pictures of the fun and games... if so then watch this space..if not then oh well I'll try to kep you amused!

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