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Friday, June 02, 2006

Me and MS-Stu in the Groove

Ok its a warm Friday afternoon the sun is shining the "off-site meeting" was great and I'm in the Groove.... Yep I'm trying Groove 2007 Beta2... seems pretty cool.

Not sure how much use it is inside the firewall with a "same-site" team but its working great between myself and our Microsoft Partner Manager. He's setup a shared workspace and he just dumps in those bandwidth gobbling powerpoint presentations and they synch over to me and away I go... sure theres other uses too but so far thats pretty cool for me...

The real interest for me is how that meshes with Sharepoint.. obviously when I get stuff from Stuart I can "promote" them up into our Sharepoint site for the whole team to consume.. they can subscribe to an RSS feed on that part of the site and hey there we go participation and collaboration and the way forwards for Work2.0!

Going properly forwards what really interests me is the "mash-up" of hosted services and "bespoke" vertical or corporate solutions... I'm gonna get one of our guys to pull together a mash-up of Live.Local and pushpin all our customers on the map maye with some revenue data or pipeline forecasts.. maybe in different "categories" that'll be interesting... may even just start with a "pushpin collection" of where the hell we are and show that too our "sales people"... the future is hurtling towards us and its the consumers that are throwing the curve-balls this time.. its all way interesting...


Anonymous said...

Groove looks great and is where all software is heading.

BUT, i think that mpost of what MS has bundled together here can be easily achieved with many open source tools.

1. The server required for sync (if the users IP address is not static), can be removed using your own subdomain server and a simple update client to push the users changing IP address.

2. Subversion can be used well to do all the synchronisation. It just needs a user interface that is better.

3. Everything else is just genral products, that sit inside a subversion repository.

Sorry to be a boo hoo, but this stuff is great from MS, but too late basically. Open Source is hot on their heels these days.


Ant said...

Some fair comments..But... the advantage I think Microsoft has here is that the tools are in ONE place.. the innovativeness of Groove (and its creator) in the past will become the forefront of the future Microsoft solutions and that is I think key. Agreed Open Source is hot on the heals, but that will just make Microsoft more agile and more of an innovator in the future, long live open source as it pushes the mainstream forwards..