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Thursday, May 25, 2006

My Scales Are Broken

Work Life Balance Scales are dead.. broken, snapped... work is absolute arse this week..sorry not in the mood to blog... I am reading yours though... although reading Tillermans post it looks like I may have fallen (temporarily hopefully) out of the sailing blogging elite... damn you all now I'm even more low!

Anyway.... I'm off to Cardiff this weekend, a weekend of chat, food and booze with Claire and my cousin and his wife (no kids) and then off to the Glee Club so no sailing but hopefully cheerful stuff!

Have got time for one piece of comment though...try out egoSurf. Pop in your name and your blogs and it will rank you. Currently (using Google) I have 4980 points - dunno if its good bad or indifferent.. hopefully it will go up! Try it guys...give yerself an ego rub..

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Tillerman said...

Hey - I'm still your biggest fan. I was going to mention you in that post but as it was only examples and not a top ten list I thought I'd plug some of the newer boatie bloggies. Have a great weekend.