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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

DUET for Microsoft Office and SAP (Mendocino)

I'm listening to the live-cast of the launch currently..

Its called DUET for Microsoft Office and SAP.

Apparently, its on time and to functionality. They have exceeded the functionality they originally promised.

General Availability in June..
2 Feature packs due this year in 3rd and 4th quarter..

Some details on features (see presentation in a bit)

SAP CRM integration/links with Duet available in Feature Pack 2 (end of this year)

Support - It will be available (first and second?) with both SAP and Microsoft... ring who you like and who answers first!

SharePoint / SAP Portal -> it can be deployed with either.

Price not released as yet.. (I'll try and find out soon)

Duet development tools will be available, mainly focussd to ISV's; Visual Studio 2005 and the SAP dev environment will have "Duet" development functionality.

Solution based on XML and XAML (pronounce zaml!)

Works with Microsoft Office 2003 and above...

Initial Duet wave is employee scenario focussed, Q3 Employer/Manager and Q4 Sales/Opportunity management.

Future scenarios/value packs next year will include Supplier relationship, Procurement, Planning for Manufacturing and Financial - these will be released as value packs focussed to business areas and will start in 2007..

Question raised as to whether this meant that MS was now in a great position to buy SAP (or vice versa) this was negated quickly...!

Maybe more later and the presentation for your "delight" ...when they (Jeff Raikes and Shai Agassi) finish talking!

So while Microsoft/SAP sort out there presentation materials and where the launch webcast is going to be stored, for the moment heres the Duet Launch Presentation.

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Raj Chanian said...

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