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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dee Cafari - Against the Prevailing Wind and Search Engines

I can't believe it.. news today is that Dee Cafari has made it home to the UK after curcumnavigating the world against the prevailing winds and is the first woman to do so... Congratulations Dee, I've been following your progress on some pod-cast very interesting.

What was more interesting to me at this second (hence the adjunct to the title) is that you put in Dee Cafari in Google or Live Search and you get old news, crap news not victorious articles... come on this happened this morning...?

At least her website has the bloody news! Check it out to see details of her return and old stuff about the voyage...

And come on Journo's get typing....

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Fuff said...

Got a couple of piccies of her coming in today, will put em up later. She's a clever girl.