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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Participation Oriented Web Sites

So this whole Web2.0, Connected Web new fangled word for an old concept stuff is really interesting and I'm extremely excited about tracking a lot of the movements, start-up and innovations that are emerging right now and seeing how businesses and our customers can benefit from the "social innovations" and become "business innovations".

The buzz words just bug me though.. that was until I came acros the following post, done by a colleague of mine Raj who appears to have coined what at the moment is my definitive buzz word that actually has relevance:

Eureka! Thats what its all about.. the "old web" was about browsing, searching, bookmarking and "rummaging around" for content... the new world, the next generation, Web2.0 if you must is about people being the centre not the pull. not the push but everything, it is definately about our (people) interactions with services on the web.
The post (parts 1 & 2) describe pretty well the social trends and movements of business and interactions on the web. Rak also coins another phrase, may be his own, may be borrowed of "bring your own content" again a great term.
The way the web is going and in fact has to go otherwise its useage and usefulness will rapidly diminish with the intrusive advertising and marketing and the "I can't be arsed with this" attitude that I think was starting to come over "users of the web" is to embrace the "sum of the parts is greater than the whole" philosophy... your data, my knowledge and my friends insight/links equals the whole picture (or a better, clearer more informed view)...
We need to embrace this, we need to look for more applications of the concepts in the business world for our customers and we need to keep our eyes on the ball as it goes into the cloud, cus when it comes back down again, its sure to be a better, more dynamic and more useful "ball"..

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