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Monday, April 17, 2006


So i got on the private beta of Otavo late last week and now I'm confused...Otavo is an "Intention Engine".. you have an intention i.e. to find all the "sailing bloggers" and you and other people who are interested post links etc to that "quest"... ok..errm so I end up with a load of website links that ma be interesting to me if and only if anyone else is interested, which in my first quest, noone is...

OK so thats a bit harsh, but the number of quests (and the frequesncy of news ones) is a little slow.. the actual site is good, its clear, looks cool and the overall "experience" is fine... its just that nagging thought of..what is this and is it helping me...

I think we are all going to get this once in a while in the new web2.0 world, maybe we aren't thinking fast enough! I'll persevere though, feedback if it hurts my brain too much or if its money 4 old rope..

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