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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Motorway Podcasts

So ever since I got back from Sri Lanka (check out my Soulsailor blog for what the hell I was upto out there) I have been constantly listening to podcasts on the way to and from work and out to meetings and client visits and well anywhere to do with work...(and even in the bloody bath one night) I though I'd share with you guys what kinda techy podcasts I soak up at the ends of the day, just so I can annoy the techy guys 'cus I'm vaguely upto speed with whats happening "out there"..

Channel9 ArCast
PodTech CTO
Geek Entertainment TV
Gillmor Gang
PodTech News
PodTech RSS Marketing
Stuff Magazine
The Little Buzzers
The Show on 10
PodTech Web2.0

Podcasts are cool and make so much more of my "dead time", I think I'll talk more about this..and RSS later.. and when you're bored of tech then just flip back to listening to that old Jack Johnson CD and chill...

So thats my aural consumption, randomly cycled, still catching up with the Gillmor Gang, listened/watched The Show on 10 in the bath (do iPod's float?)..

Whats your daily mind melting aural stimulation of the "pod" type?

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