Skandia Team GBR

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Match Racing

This is quite a cool site... question to you all in "Enterprise Committee Land" , why don't we do match racing; the boats are ideal for it... similar performance, main and jib, competitive and we all love a good social...

Isn't this the hallmarks of a great Match Racing event?

Maybe I should set-up a Soulsailor Match Racing event.. quick 20min racing before/after events....?

Anyone got any thoughts??


Litoralis said...

Wouldn't team racing be good in Enterprises too?

Ant said...

Could point litoralis; I personally enjoy both but haven't done any for ages..

I was thinking of trying to slot this type of event around, inbetween a standard open, so was looking for a simple format; thinking about it team racing, 3-boat probably, would be easier to organise that trying to work out which 2 boats should do a match race and would give better "spectator value" as well..
Thanks :-)