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Monday, April 24, 2006

iKarma Vs. RapLeaf Vs LinkedIn

Ok so I guess its all a bit sketchy with iKarma and LinkedIn out there and RapLeaf well still in hiding but from today the heat will be on for RapLeaf to perform following on from the TechCrunch review.

So I use iKarma and LinkedIn.. and the screen shots of the new pretender look quite good from what I can tell.. LinkedIn is going well for my business contacts, really gotta good network going there the features are adequate for the I know you.. your friends interesting can I know them too kind of way... iKarma is shall we say sparse at the moment..I only have Lori Leach the Creative Director of iKarma in my network; but hey for me thats class, she's cool and very talented too... the features at iKarma are OK, and I like the network viewer that you can embed in your blog, but with only one contact the power is lacking...

I don't know whether you need one, two or lots of reputation tools as an individual.. I think LinkedIn works well for networking and opportunity stalking; whereas iKarma is more for reputations, this guy helped me, she worked with me and did good stuff.. I dig them etc etc its kind of more social, more fluid and thats useful too for more casual contacts, and hey I have contacts in both.

My view is that RapLeaf needs to pull out the bag a stack of features quicklyand make it easy for people to tie there reputations and social networks together...and iKarma..I really want you to do the same..I know you can guys.

As far as web2.0 names go... iKarma kicks RapLeafs ass...

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