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Monday, April 03, 2006

Blogging in the News

Saw what ended up being quite a lame "piece" on the BBC news today. It was all about the new sensation of blogging... jeeze I wasn't sailin' down the first wave over 4 years ago so how th ehell is it a new phenomena.. I guess its because they just realised that blogging, RSS and the "Web 2.0" stuff (did I tell you I was a geek as well as a soul sailor?) is gonna completely change businesses, media and make a hell of a lot of people work a damned site harder for their lunch.. hehe its great!

The TV piece was fairly average, on about some awards and the winners all seemed to have summat about food in their titles.. no sports or geek blogs, nothing on Schobleizer or me, or Sailing Anarchy or any of the others that I read... day we will all be famous...actually maybe if you are reading this then I'm already famous...what the hell is famous anyway...I get visitors to the page everyday..people come back.. thats enuff stardom 4 me...for the moment...

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