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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SoulSailor Laser exclusive - ish...!

Word on the street (or the reservoir) is that Laser are conducting testing/trials on a new dinghy... apparently (not ACTUALLY seen it) its sporting an "Optimist Stylee" rig and is more akin to a short-arse Pico in hull design, yep it's not an Optimist its got a pointy front...

But seriously is this true, apparently there were a couple of non-kid size guys testing the boat (or nearly sinking it in the breezy conditions), but surely Laser aren't trying to launch a dinghy to go head to head with the Optimist THE kids boat....? Maybe it was an old rig from the original Laser Optmist? (apparently it had a "H" Hyde logo on it !)

If you've heard anything on this let me know.. if you work for Laser let me know...

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