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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jon's 39 again...(Master)

So, a whole host of the Midlands (and Scotlands) Ent yachters turnmed up at Zorba-the-Greeks restraunt Saturday night, drank, eat made merry and very nearly danced...

The day had finally come when we were finally celebrating Johhny Woodward's 40th Birthday.

So despite having to admit to being 40, he seemed happy enough what with drinking pints, getting presents (including a raz around a racetrack in a RED Ferrari!) oh and a belly-dancer as well!

So in true blogger stylee, to celebrate Jons birthday and the fact that as far as he is concerned RED is the only color... here is the top 9 links appearing on a search for RED on

1. Red Hat The Open Source Leader
2. Red Dwarf
4. British Red Cross
5. Red Pepper
6. Red Lobster Seafood Restraunts
7. Red Meat - from the secret files of Max Cannon
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers Online
9. Red Bull Energy Drink

Happy Birthday Jon!

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