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Friday, December 02, 2005


Its pissing it down with rain today and howling a gale... blowin' dogs of chains and generally miserable.... but in a handful of weeks I, you, we will be in Sri Lanka...whee...

But its still raining here today...and cold... and in one hand I'm writing a report for work, in the other hand i'm writing this, in the other hand I'm burning my CD collection onto my PC (hopefully getting an iPOD for Chrimbo!) and in the last hand, or was it the second foot i'm listening to a podcast on microsoft BizTalk Server 2006... oh yeh an i'm suckin green tee and guarnja "mints" from!

Jeeeze...i'm sum kinda o' water lovin, mint chewin, music rippin', over worked tech geek soulsailor guy...

What are you?

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