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Thursday, September 15, 2005

PREVIEW - Southport 24hr Race 2005

Its almost here, the winds blowin in my backgarden, but I think its on the way through - the weekends looking tame and dry, well better than being in a muddy field with a bunch o' drunk sailors at 4am on a Sunday morning with the rain pelting it down...

So light to maybe a little less than moderate is what thje breeze will be doing... the SoulSailor boat (Thanxs Ian) and the SoulSailor Shore "base" (thanxs Caragh) will be arriving on Friday night to "acclimatise", and then most of the stupid fools (inc. me) will wander into sunny-seasidey-southport on Saturday morning.... the TEAM is as follows (unless anyone bales with sum lame excuse..):

Ant & James (we're starting if are asses are there on-time!)
Johnny & Alex
Gez and Al Fry (...hopefully)
Richy Adams & Jules (...hopefully)
Youngy & (Dale / Joan )
Charles Morrish & Caroline
Ian & Chris (Ta 4 the boat)
Caragh & Ali (Ladies Race ?)

So...thats us thatz the Soulsailor Racing Association Team;

I'm gonna be "team" photographer all weekend so make sure you're all lookin' kool and I mean on the water, off the water @ changeovers and during the drinking... (they'll be on-line for us all 2 see..)

So, last minute questions and boat prep think about:
1. Where the hell am I gonna sleep (if I bother?)
2. IS it a beer or a G&T weekend?
3. Ian can we put stickers on the boat and your sail?
4. How many pics of pissed sailors shall eye take?
5. Have we got a flagpole for the soulsailor "flag"?
6. Did anyone pack the brown sauce for the bacon sarnies?
7. What do you do if yer not sailing and not drinking (don't turn up??)
8. Shorty, full wetsuit or too drunk to care...?
9. Whats the illegal propulsion rule and is it true its not in effect after dusk?
10. Someone wake me up with a strong coffee and a sausage, bacon & egg sarnies before I do the 6am shift PLEASE!

Right, thats the preview.. maybe have an audio-cast or two from the event and then I'll tell you all about it when I get back...

See you there for 100% 24hrs of pure unadulterated SOULSAILING....

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