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Monday, August 22, 2005

Soulsailor One and Three

Soulsailor One & Three!
Hollowell 2005 – well its that sunny time of year again, time for us to get wound up with GP14’s and Wollowell in now wind, and this year didn’t disappoint!

So around 14 Ents joined a similar number of GP’s for the next round of the Enterprise Double-Chine event… the wind was light ‘n shite but the sun was out.

Race 1.

Crap start, got squeezed & nailed, eventually broke free and by the top mark after much cussing and tooing and frowing we were back upto a respectable 2nd… by the gybe mark youngy had sailed underneath us, so we went for a wide rounding and sailed low towards the shore to break free… of course the breeze cam in from the other side and we were looking in pretty poor shape, Ian in the “Soulsailor Southport team” boat went well high and wide and came out mid way down the “run” smaelling of chics… only to get pulled back when the wind filled in again from the opposite side…

Basically it was SHIFTY! We spent the rest of the race mainly in second place with a number of different Ents in the lead including Youngy, Smithy and Mr.Cossey.. towards the end of the 1hr intense sailing experience we broke free into 1st and held it to the end..oh yeh baby… we were back (just) on form after our disappointing Nats…

Lunch… pint of OJ, jacket spud, caught some rays and did some catching up… tried to psych-up Steve-P&B up, not sure it worked though…

Race 2… average start, looked like we were gonna get swamped with either side of the beat looking top as we got to the middle section of the 1st beat, but then some good shifts and some decent sailing from me and young-James had as 1st at the windward mark….and for the rest of the race….Infact, it was all the more pleasurable for us as we slowly crept passed the leading GP14’s who started about 6 mins ahead of us 1 hour earlier…heheheh

Race 3, well after the stress of the previous races we deided to offer encouragement from the shore so early “batch” boat to bed, can o’ beer and chilled at the waters edge watching some pretty close racing… nice..

1st Ant and James Soulsailor Racing Assoc.
2nd Mike & Christine
3rd Smithy and Co.. Soulsailor Racing Assoc.

See you all @ St.Mary’s Loch – G&T’s for £1.20… oh yeh baby!

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