Skandia Team GBR

Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Nationals Are Here!

.... are you....?

So, in a couple of days the fast, the cool, the nuts, the soulsailors, the cruisers, the winners, the loosers and the just happy to be there will al descend on Tenby!

And, just to keep things special, back by popular demand? I present to you the SOULSAILOR STICKERS.... yep we'll have 'em all you need to do is "slap 'em on!"

... I think there will be a pint or two for the most fantastic, outrageous or just plain kool photo of a SOULSAILOR STICKER out in the "wild"... just show me yours and if we're suitably impressed then the drinks yours...

Right... bed time, need my beauty sleep and energy to whip butts in the Tenby waves.. C U there groovers..

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