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Monday, July 25, 2005

Burghfield SC - National Series Event..

So.. it was gonna be a fairly mad weekend... sailing Sat, party Sat night, sailing Sun... drive to, works conference Monday... 1/2 shandy Moinday night and conference and home on Tuesday.. a mad 4 days maybe...yes!

So, too long has passed to have a clue what the individual race results were... we on one on Saturday and had a 2nd on Sunday so we were quite happy! Unfortunately there doesnt even seem to be any results on Y&Y website to refresh my mind sorry.. obviously the important results are above :-)

So some light to moderate (just) good tight racing was had by all Saturday... top chilli by the chief-chef saturday night and way-way-way too much beer... for the 2nd year running frivolities were had in the lift... well by that time we could barel;y walk so potentially it was justified??

I do like the chef's styleee... £8 (eight squid)for a damn fine chilli and pudding Sat night, then Sunday lunchtime you could have the same again (literally) for about a £5-er classy!

Anyway nothing too bizzare or weird or just plain naughty happened Sat night.. good mates chatted, beer got drunk, not much spilt and the world was put to rights!

Sailing Sunday... yep 3 races... and as I said earlier nothing too strange happened, the wind was a tad flukey, not helped by the islands, but it meant close racing, but Anne was keeping a-breast of the pack (literally?) if not ahead by about a ni..le's width?

Sorry... what I meant was Anne saied bloody well and basically beat us all... we did mange a 2nd in the last race....

So, results, in our last event before we embark on the epic-Nats...

1st Anne and Allan
2nd Paul Hobson & Jeanette Hunt
3rd Pete & Alicia Bennett
4th Ant 'n James!
5th Johnny & Alex

So... a damned good event as always (why weren't you there?), we came 4th again, think we did that last year... then off to Brighton..sun is shining.. weather is sweet.. make me wanna dance my groovy feet... eatin' on the promenade... drinkin' wine in the sunshine... workin' all day and sum drag queen in a fish an' chip restraunt in the eve.... oh yeh baby!

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