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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sri Lanka 2006?

So, theres a bit of possibility that, if James wants to, I may be up 4 doing a little warm winter training this year.. rather than freezing it'll be coconuts, rum? and shorties for Feb 2006....

Only problem(s) are.... I'll be flying back when its my sons birthday, sorry dude... Cost..ouch and I'll be out the country without my family for 2 weeks :-(

God lifes hard, decisions, decisions all the flamin time - work, life, sailing balance more like a bloody see-saw with alternating fat, thin and violent kids playing on it, what do you do.... what do eye do... not sure....

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Anonymous said...


Just take em with ya and worry about paying for it some other time. Chance of a bloody lifetime!?

Smithy. 23039


how about joining me (us) up as family members and is anything happpening with southport?