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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Move like a Jelly Fish...

So, SoulSailing, SoulSailor and the SoulSailor Racing Association are all about sailing, the social side, being chilled, the essence of the sport, the vibe etc etc. One of my favourite bands/artists at the moment is Jack Johnson, a surfer and musician of great worth and respect, and one of my favourite lyrics is from a track called bubbletoes from the album brushfire fairytales... the following just embodies the Saturday night, Sunday morning, intoxicated on drink, sailing, water and friends..

When you move like a jellyfish
Rhythm don't mean nothing
You go with the flow
You don't stop
Move like a jellyfish
Rhythm is nothing
You go with the flow
You don't stop

Check out the sample tracks on his website and then go buy the damn albums learn the lyrics, chill to the tunes and I'll see you guys at the Nationals and the Worlds moving like a jellyfish all week long...

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