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Monday, May 03, 2004

SoulSailor Birthday - We're One!!

Thats right guys, May 2003 we started and oi'm bloody suprised that we are still going and growing 1 year on, well, this is gonna be a bumper year, lots of great events, new stuff like the "SoulSailor Racing Association", a few tweaks to the site to keep it kool and what you guys want.. what do you want??

So I had a craop week at work last week so never got round to posting about the Barnt Green Open we did last Sunday - as you may remember from one of the 1st posts I did this time last year, we were robbed of winning the event... well thsi year we were robbed fair and square, some fanatstic light weather saikling by Ian Friswell gave him 2 1sts straight, the weather was damned light and nicely warm for April, we loved it! We were sailing pretty well,, but couldn't get upto him, so we ended up with a 3rd and a 2nd going injto the last race... again Ian went like a train with Johnny following and giving him a damned good race, we started to get into the grovoe during the latter stages and up the last long beat, we sailedan absolute stonker to pull right back upto Ian, got him on Starboard and managed to pin him so we could tack to the line and win, what is the trophy race for the "Sam N Cooke " trophy...nice! So 2nd overall was OK and a trophy, wine & gift vouchers, we went home pretty happy...

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