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Friday, February 20, 2004

Metamorphosis of an Ent

Well not much to report on this evening, just a couple of minor things...

The Enterprise and Soulsailor video is now completed and is awaiting its first "public viewing" tomorrow at an RS200 event at Draycote with an eager audience of Jeremy and Salty.... I assume those guys have an RS200 and aren't just gonna put white sails and a bow-sprint on the ent?? Good luck guys for the weekend, dont go liking it too much!

I'll let you know what Salty and Jeremy think tomorrow if i'm not too devistated and they'll be some vague report of how they got on..

Secondly, my roving Jet-Set James and the No.1 SoulSailor reporter, Anita have passed on the latest siting of an Ent abroad, DisneyLand Paris believe it or not:

Thanks Tony Cropper for the pic :-)

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