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Monday, February 09, 2004

Ent Promo - Damn Windy, Damn Cold & Damn Kool!

Well its happened, we've done and now we've gotta make summat of it!

Yep, Saturday 6 intepid (stupid) Ent sailors turned up @ Draycote Water SC for the innaugral Enterprise Soulsailor promo video shoot...

Big Up, Big Thanks and 110% Soulsailing Praise to the following:

Martin Honnor
Paul Holmes
Mark (DWSC Bosun) - Driving us around & rescuing people
Mick Clay - Videoing the promo with a camcorder, plastic bag and far too many waves!

Without you guys and the Ent Association National Committees backing, none of this could have happened..

So what happened...

We arrived, eventually to 20+mph of breeze, broken blue sky and high spirits... there was no food or coffee being served, so I was sent off to Sainsburys to get rpovisions while the other finished rigging and getting changed.. after some energy boosting we hit the water, in what, according to the Draycote weather service was averaging betwen 20 and 20mph for the couple of hours yachting we did...funky :-)

So, the plan was to start with a race and then just fill some mucking about, planing and general cool stuff, but the breeze was being particularly wicked so it just ended up with lots of blasting, and tricky videoing conditions....up, down, up down, splash....

So we all had a damn good sail, we got some good footage, some bad footage and some damned funny footage, so all i've gotta do is splice it all together!

I was gonna tell you all what happened, but, rather than that i'll just show you a couple of stills from the day and you can see the finished video @ the Dinghy Show in March...

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