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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Energy Foods - SoulSailor Style

Well, after little or no proper investigation I have found an "energy food" which is currently legal, available in shops and supermarkets and gives you the most incredible energy boost and "natural" high in the world..

The source of this great new sporting nutritional supplement is REFRESHERS, they are fantastic.

After eating a whole packet of the pastel coloured beauties this morning I had a major energy boost and endorphines were rushing around everywhere (i got the major grinning-giggles).

Its great - I think the 1st "in-situ" racing trials of this SoulSailing sport nutritional supplement will be on Sunday @ the Shustoke Gauntlet, if any one else want to join in the medical trials, I can't guarantee that there wont be any side-effects, but feel free to bring your own REFRESHERS with you.

Experiment Guidelines
I recomend eating half a packet 1 min 30 secs from the start EACH (Helm & Crew) and then supplementing that with the slow gradual intake (Helm and Crew) of another single packet through the duration of a 60min race. Any more than this and you may be 2 refreshed to concentrate on yer sailing and float away on a cloud of psychadelic refresher bubbles....

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